About This Project

For too long we have allowed outside observers  to tell us our own story. On Sept. 19, 1977 — a day remembered by many as “Black Monday” where the Steel Mills closed, many stand as a witness to the Valley’s importance to the Rustbelt and the steel that remains a foundation to this nation. Since the Mills’ closings it’s as if we have wandered, aimlessly through the “wilderness” for 40+ years. We seemingly allowed the closure of an INDUSTRY to cloud and confuse our IDENTITY. We are, and have always been, ENTREPRENEURS. I knew it was well past the time that we begin to tell our newest story; just as loudly and repeatedly as the old one has been told for so long. So, by OFFICIAL Youngstown Mayoral, Youngstown City Council & Congressional proclamation (the office of Tim Ryan) I worked to get Sept. 19 known as a day of “RECLAIMING OUR IDENTITY”. This is NOT an attempt to forget our history; but a celebration of our the firm foundation laid by those before us with a challenge to press on. Let our hearts and our hands be focused on the opportunities of our future.